This page is dedicated to links to iPad Sites and Resources to assist teachers and students.

iPad2 and the Apps Universe: Connections to Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Differentiated Instruction (DI) - A copy of a Powerpoint presentation I did for
the Windsor Northwest Supervisory Union in Bethel to their special educators.

Introducing the iPad - Apple's Education Page about the iPad.

- This presentation was done during a district-wide inservice at FHUHS on March 16, 2012 for teachers and
paraprofessionals.This is a Powerpoint file. Simply click on the Run prompt when it comes up.

iPads in a DI and UDL Environment - Same slideshow, but in the Google Docs format. I've made it public so I don't believe you even need to sign-in to Google Docs to view it. If you have some problems please let me know.

Teach With Your iPad An uncomplicated page which lists a number of nice connections about iPad apps to use in your classroom. Click on the Wiki Home link on the left to move around the site.

Bloomin' Apps - A VERY COOL SITE! This site links different Google and iPad Apps to Bloom's Taxonomy areas. There are links embedded in each of the individual apps. To look at the Google stuff, it works much better if you have a working Google Account. (They're free!)

iPad Autism Apps - Here's a list from THE Journal on eight top iPad Apps for kids on the Autism spectrum. A good example of a site dedicated to a specific disability category area.

AT Mac - This website covers all Apple products with a slant towards disability. This website is about users with a disability, adaptive and assistive technology, and making accessible programs and content.

Kathryn Whitaker's Great Apps for Special Education

Dr. Therese Willkomm's (The Magyver of AT) List of Websites that Evaluate and Showcase Apps

Apps in Education Blog - Another source for information and recommendations for iPad Apps can be found on individual teacher blogs. This one lists
apps by subject area: Art, English, Math, etc.

Live Binder iPads in Schools - Live Binder has become a popular platform for showcasing lots of information about a topic. Topics are arranged as tabs at the top of the page.
Simply click on the tab to go to your area of interest. *This site does have a Primary level list of Apps. Click on Teachers to start.

John Larkin's Technology Blog - Terrific site for links to other resources. An impressive site for teaching and learning resources for the iPad.

iPads in Schools - This website has a nice differentiation between public school levels: elementary, middle and high school.

Holy Grail of Special Education iPad Apps - This document on Scribed is a bit dated - 2011 - but has a large grouping of iPad Apps dedicated to Special Education needs. The author is
Eric Sailers.

Online Resources - is a decent site for information about iPads, iPhones and iOS. Gary Rosenweig, an editor, posts lots of short "how to" videos on apps, sites and resources. Here is one on Ten iOS 7 Useful Features.