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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Co-Teaching Model and the Life Skills Curriculum

Members of the Special Education Department are currently utlizing a co-teaching model in order to plan, teach and assess a series of units in the Life Skills curriculum. Pulling from the ARSU Life and Vocational Skills Curriculum, 2006, Special Education Director, Chris Morgan and Case Managers: Gina Himes, Mike Tully and Lynn Merritt are currently updating that curriculum to work with approximately twelve 9-12 students to include more fluent technology integration with iPads and other digital tools. Team leader, Gina Himes, says the team is committed to using differentiated instruction around content, process, and product. “Student readiness is something I’m working on right now,” said Himes.

How does this team represent a co-teaching model? The team meets weekly to plan curriculum and collaborate on instruction; key time is spent on designating and refining essential learning outcomes for delivery that match with the ARSU curriculum. Lessons that the team develops are published in Google Docs with viewing and editing powers shared by each teacher. Teachers also share a Google Calendar which denotes upcoming units and responsibilities. During weekly meetings, team members post feedback from the previous week and discuss individual student needs. Finally, lessons are posted on the Life Skills Curriculum Projects and Resources Google Site for use in class and for later planning.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

New pages and links added this week.

We've added a link to Gina Hime's FHUHS Transition Web Site under Links We Like in the sidebar. We've also added a link to Michael Ferguson's TECNOAIM web site.

A number of new pages were added this week as well: Assistive Technology Tools and Nomenclature will be about the myriad of digital tools - both hardware and software - that assist all students. Instructional Design and Assessment will showcase work being done in Special Education classrooms and co-teaching classrooms that highlight use of technology integration, assistive technology, differentiated instruction, universal design and co-teaching. Literacy, Writing Tools and Assessment will showcase the work being done in the language arts area - especially Wilson Reading around formative assessment and diagnostic tools.

Have a great month of March everybody.

Friday, February 3, 2012

We have talked over the years about creating a wiki space in which to dialogue about important
issues related to our department in our support for the education of kids. This page is a first attempt.
Don't worry if you've never used a wiki before or about adding pages or content. We'll get to that! Note,
however, that if you have received access to this page you are a full writer/editor and can use this
space to update others about events, discuss a topic of interest, share an article or book you've
read or even provide thoughts and feelings about culture or environment.

One thing I"d like to use the space for - thus the name - FHUHS - AT-Assessment-Team - is to
provide a platform for both showcasing your work with technology tools and integration into the
curriculum but also to begin the discussion of how we can develop and implement our own
assistive technology assessment for our students entering high school and assisting them
at the beginning years of their career.
Let's learn together.
Here's a place to get started