Differentiated Instruction (DI)

A Digital Link to Carol Tomlinson's book: Leading and Managing a Differentiated Classroom.
ASCD. 2010

A series of videos on Differentiated Instruction and Universal Design for Learning
DI Introduction (From Patricia Aigner, Rutland City Schools)

DI: Technology and Student Interest

DI and Readiness

DI and Learner Profile

DI and Interest

DI and Technology Tools

A link to the Differentiation Central web site at the University of Virginia which hosts many quality videos on differentiated instruction.

Tools Which Link to: Interest, Readiness, Learning Profile, MI around (content, process, and product)

Kathy Schrock's Assessment and Rubrics Too A terrific web site that includes a significant number of links for assessment of products and process. A number connect to technology skills like Web 2.0 skills but there are also rubrics for cooperative learning, creativity skills and information skills.

Education World: Back to School Lesson Plan: Student Learning-Strengths Inventory - A nice set of links here: scroll down the page to links student self-assessment of multiple intelligence, learning style profile, and other inventories.

Connections and Links to Bloom's Digital Taxonomy and Student Interest Profiles as well as iPad Apps

Connecting Bloom's Taxonomy Areas to Student Learning Profiles - Developed by Ralph Pirozzo, this matrix links student learning profiles with
Blooms' Six Taxonomy Areas.

Bloomin' Apps - A VERY COOL SITE! This site links different Google and iPad Apps to Bloom's Taxonomy areas. There are links embedded in each of the individual apps. To look at the Google stuff, it works much better if you have a working Google Account. (They're free!)

Tools Which Link to: Culture and the Learning Environment

This was a session done regarding the establishment of cultural norms and values as the FHUHS Learning Laboratory (Rm. 33) was developing a common culture of learning.

Professional Development Sessions on DI at FHUHS 2011/2012

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This is a session about the note taking application for the iPad, Notability, which uses multi-modal
ways to create and take classroom notes: audio, drawing, typing, and importing web pages and documents into notes.

This professional development session looked at the "Speak Text" function built into
the Accessibility function in iOS5. We also looked at iBooks and the iBooks bookstore.

Screencasts on Smartboard

If you're still working on figuring out your Smartboard, check out these screencasts from Patricia Aigner from Rutland City Schools (RCS) which show how to do some basic functions and exercises.

Smartboard Intro

Universal Design for Learnin (UDL)

iPad2 and the Apps Universe: The Connection to Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Differentiated Instruction (DI): A presentation I did during the summer of 2013 for the Windsor Northwest Supervisory Union on the iPad2 and it's use as an instructional tool.

A Digital Link to David Rose and Anne Meyer's book: A Practical Reader in Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
Harvard Education Press. 2008.

Differentiated Instruction and Implications for UDL Implementation- A longish web article but a good one! Combines components of Differentiated Instruction (content, process, and product) with a synthesis of the three tenets of Universal Design for Learning (UDL): strategic learning networks, recognition learning networks, and affective learning networks.

Tools Which Link to: Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

This is a good web site for free text-to-speech applications. Text-to-speech converts typed text into aural or spoken words.

UDL Resource - A nice general website that has videos on UDL from CAST and slideshows from Elluminate that explain how UDL connects to curriculum goals, materials, teaching and assessment.

Go Animate: I've included an animation here as a way for kids to create a narrative or story with free software which they can then post to an online site. This particular animation was made with Go Animate. (http://www.goanimate.com)

GoAnimateExample_PTCompLit by ChuckCE on GoAnimate

Creating podcasts using SoundCloud. Students in my PT Computer Literacy class created podcasts recently using the recording software in SoundCloud using iPad2's. The cool thing about SoundCloud, is that it allows you to upload your audio directly to their site to hear online from any computer. You create your account and off-you-go.


I created two folders in my web browser, one for a personal area of interest and one for a subject I want to research. I bookmarked my folders and added web links of articles I am interested in reading. I created a link on my page that links my reading to a digital reading log. A copy of the log can be seen here. Here is the link.

Stop Motion Animation

QR Codes That Link to SMS Messages

This is a different use of technology from Kaywa QR Management Corp. It allows you to create QR Codes that not only link to web pages but will send SMS messages, VCards, and Texts. I found the code was able to be read with any QR Reader. Pretty Cool!